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Mail Ordering Bulk Products and Freight

Posted on April 9, 2020
You would like to purchase a bulk 20 litre or 20 kg product and some other smaller products, yes.....
But when you finish filling your cart and scroll down to 'Estimate Shipping', the price it give you is a ridiculous 'Ship By Weight' price!

Why, you ask 

Our Web Site is automatically linked up with Australia Post and the postal maximum weight limit is 22 kg per parcel or item, no more.

One 20 litre cube full of liquid product or a 20 kg bucket full of powder is of course 20 litre/kg plus the container which are approx 1.3 -1.5 kg.
So, this one item is just about to the maximum weight limit.

By adding more products to this already say 21.3/21.5 kg item or order it will push the weight over the Australia Post maximum weight limit and our web site will automatically put it into the 'Ship By Weight' category which has a very high ridiculous price on it.
As our web site is a templet there are some items/headings on it that can not be taken off, so this is the next best way that could be done so that this category will not be chosen as a freight option.
There is no 'Ship By Weight' in our Australia Post system and more importantly it is over the maximum lifting weight.

Now, if you do wish to order a 20 litre or kg item and some other smaller products from our web site you will need to put the 20 litre cube or 20 kg bucket as an order on it's own then go back in and start a new order for the other smaller products to go into a box together as another item/parcel.
As I am the only one that processes the orders, I will send the one, two, three or more items/orders all at the same time on the same day.

This way it will ensure that you will not get over charged in the freight part of things.
If you would like to order a few 20 litre cube or 20 kg bucket products, please call me and I can work it out for you.