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Posted on June 23, 2021 by Andrea Sturgess

So the question is - Where do you buy your Eucalyptus Oil from and are you sure that it is a true Australian Eucalyptus Oil!!!

We can ensure you here at Yesteryear Plantations that we do harvest and distill our very high quality eucalyptus oil out of a well managed sustainable plantation near Rosewood NSW, 30 min travel time from our property which is still at this stage in fire recovery. This oil is true Australian and pure with a natural bush aroma like none other.

We are proud to be an Australian owned small rural farm gate business located just outside of Batlow NSW still distilling eucalyptus oil in a very rare and old traditional industry that sadly has declined over the past years due to the importation of over 92% of eucalyptus oil been brought back in to Australia. 

Sadly these overseas eucalyptus oils are brought in by larger companies to sell wholly in our supermarkets, pharmacies and on sellers or to be mixed with an Australian oil to help with the pretence! The colour, aroma, bottling and sometimes labelling is a good indicator of the euco oils origin. 

Lets start with the label - if it dose not have the oil variety name like Radiata, Dives, Blue Mallee (these three oil varieties are all above the cineole content requirements for pharmaceutical quality) of the eucalyptus oil printed on the label, personally I would not buy it as it would be mixed/blended with overseas euco oil or a full imported oil. The main eucalyptus oil that is been imported into Australia is the Globulus (different % grade levels) a low quality oil.

The aroma - a true Australian eucalyptus oil should be strong but mild with no sharpness that would make you pull back from when smelling the oil. You should be able to keep drawing the oil aroma in through the nose with out sharpness level discomfort. Also an Australian farmed eucalyptus oils aroma will last a hell of a lot longer than a brand you buy off the supermarket or pharmacy shelf. 

The colour - an imported euco oil will be very clear compared to a real Australian euco oil no matter what the variety is it will have a very slight yellow tint to it.  

The bottle - pure eucalyptus oil will in time eat, melt, soften etc.... any plain plastic (that's not industrial grade), PET, HDPE container. True 100% eucalyptus oil should be stored in glass, stainless steel or spun aluminium containers which will also keep the quality of the oil over a long time period.

These are just a few facts to help you to decide on your oil choice.

Rosewood Plantation - broad leaf peppermint eucalyptus leaf ready to chip

Distillery Shed - putting the lid on tank with steam in and out hoses connected

Running off the oil - late night in the distillery

Make the change, cut out all the middle people and buy direct, better quality better price!

Yesteryear Plantations - grower, harvester and distiller of 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil from sustainable plantations. Come for a visit to the farm to purchase your oil and cleaning products or buy direct online and support a small rural business in Australia. 

From Bush to Bottle to You