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Welcome to the home of Mother Nature's greatest secrets

Yesteryear Plantations, the only privately owned growers and distillers of Pure Radiata Eucalyptus Oil (Mountain Variety) in Australia. Located in the foothills of Australia's most famous and pristine mountain range - The Snowy Mountains. From this idyllic versatile and well managed property, appropriately named Valley Views, situated on the Snubba Range overlooking the Gilmore and Blowering Valley's, at an altitude of 810 metres, nestled between the townships of Tumut, Batlow, Tumbarumba and Talbingo, and near the northern end of Kosciuszko National Park is where Mother Nature's finest radiata eucalyptus oil is grown and harvested. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, and the perfect place to live and grow this unique aromatic pure oil. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils have been used for centuries - that bring cleanliness and healing. And in today's world, full of manufactured chemicals and preservatives, these oils are needed more than ever - by us all.

Property Shop Open

Check out our open days in our 'Calendar' section. Click on the brown strip on the day you would like to visit to see all the details then give us a call or email just to make sure that all is good. All products from small to bulk sizes are available for purchase with card facilities available. Travel route information is on our 'Contact Page' under Property Access. PROPERTY ACCESS VIA BATLOW ONLY. Pack a picnic lunch then take the day exploring our side of the dam. Drive along the Western foreshores of Blowering Dam, picnic at Pilot Hill Arboretum or Laurel Hill picnic area, walk Buddong Falls or the Sugar Pine Walk and pull up at the Hume & Hovell Lookout to sit & admire the scenery. 

What's New

Over the years we do collect information from you 'our clients' in requests for products that need to be made with our unique eucalyptus oil in them or with a combination of oils. With this information gathered we have produced nine new lines starting with our 'Liquid Soap' section by separating the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils while still keeping the same exquisite blended base of castile & coconut soap extracts. Our 'Personal Care' section has expanded with the introduction of Eucalyptus Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Deodorant - aluminium free and the most asked for product a Tooth Gel Mouth Cleanser in our 'Body Care' section. Still staying in the 'Personal Care' section the addition of our own Radiata Eucalyptus Drops under the 'Lozenges' tab and the addition of a completely new tab 'Room Deodorizer'. Two new multi-purpose Eucalyptus Air Freshener Sprays plus some old favourites have been put in this section for easy finding. We have not even forgotten our dogs with the addition of our new Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Dog Deodorizer Spray, a much needed request from our South East Coast clients. The revamping of our 'Bars of Soap' have become a hugh delight for clients who like to mix them up with the addition of the 100 gram single bars all individually wrapped for hygiene as like our 4 packs. By adding more percentage of oil in each variety, this gives each soap bar a stronger aroma that retains right down to the last wash. Two new eucalyptus oil varieties, two revamped varieties and three other varieties are still been worked on. 

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