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2.5 litre Eucalyptus Cleanser

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A safe, natural antiseptic and versatile cleaner for the bathroom, washroom, kitchen and work place areas.
Contains our Pure Radiata Eucalyptus Oil in a natural soap base to deodorise, freshen and disinfect as you clean.
Excellent and affordable for mopping large floor areas such as tiles, timber, floating floors, linoleum and even mild enough for everyday mopping.
This clear or white in colour, free flowing, frothing liquid has a distinct eucalyptus aroma with a neutral pH level.
For inside your home use:
Dilute 60mls of Eucalyptus Cleanser in about half a mop bucket of hot water.
In a 500ml spray bottle put 30mls of Eucalyptus Cleanser then fill with warm or cold water.
This makes an excellent antiseptic toilet and surface spray & wipe cleaner.
To clean windows, cooking splashbacks and stainless steel, refer to the Radiata Eucalyptus Spray & Wipe Cleaner or Cleaning Recipes.
For outside/industrial use:
Pour desired amount on any type of concrete floor, add water, scrub stained spots with a heavy duty mud broom then hose or pressure wash off. 
This is great for removing grease, oils and fuel from workshops and on high foot traffic areas.
Excellent for disinfecting floors in veterinary surgeries, dog kennels & catteries plus washing bedding in, dairies, abattoirs, butcheries etc.....
Can be used on canvas parts on caravans, canvas canopies and window awnings.
A great and affordable all rounder.
Available in 1 ltr, 5 ltr & 20 litres.