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TREES IN FIRE RECOVERY - 2.5ltr Pure Narrow Leaf Peppermint 'Radiata' Eucalyptus Oil - Jerrycan

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A pure 100% natural oil that is home grown and distilled on our property 'Valley Views' in the NSW Snowy Mountain Rangers near Batlow.
This clear mobile liquid, colourless to very pale yellow is steam distilled from the leaves and terminal branchlets of the Narrow Leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus Tree with an oil type 'E.radiata Sieb.' commonly known as 'Radiata' or 'Australiana Radiata var.E'. 
This small multi-trunked Australian eucalyptus tree belongs to the same family, Myrtaceae, as the Tea Tree making it one healthy and popular oil for it's properties that range from anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation to anti-infectious. 
Our property management adds to the overall health of the trees while maintaining a high quality pure oil.
This mountain variety of Narrow Leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus Tree producers a very rare, unique and highly sought after eucalyptus oil that's known as 'The King of Eucalyptus' or 'The Ultimate Euco Oil'
As it bears a physical resemblance to the Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus, and is grouped together with the latter under the 'Peppermint' genus of eucalypts. However, 'E.radiata' Eucalyptus Oil dose not have a peppermint-like aroma.
It has, to us, a fresh 'soft' slightly menthol citrus/floral aroma with a woody/bush undertone. It is an oil that is very hard to discribe - 'unique' would be the appropriate word.   
It's very refreshing bush aroma leaves a lingering sense of cleanliness and freshness throughout your entire home, entertainment area, vehicle or work place after everyday cleaning. Also used in the cosmetics and perfumery industries.
Although technically an 'oil' itself, eucalyptus does not leave oily residue because of it's volatility (it evaporates after a period of time exposed to the air, leaving the surface dry)
This versatile oil is used for the everyday household cleaning such as mopping floors, washing/rinsing cloths, refreshing/cleaning motel rooms, opening or closing up caravans, spray & wiping of all surfaces right down to rubbing sore joints at the end of the day.
The perfect oil for air purifying/oil burners to make breathing easier especially with young children or the elderly.
For sinus, coughs, colds and flu symptoms, inhailing Radiata Eucalyptus Oil can kill bacteria in the respiratory tract and open up airways for easier breathing and doesn't trigger the cough reflex as easily as other eucalyptus oils.
Physically, this oil is best used to combat respiratory problems, stimulate the immune system and relieve pain. 
An Analysis Report of this oil is available on request that shows it’s high quality, clean and it’s purity.  
Available in various sizes.
'From bush to bottle to you'.