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200 ml of Pure Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus Oil (Plantation) - Glass

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A pure natural healthy antiseptic oil that is sustainably harvested and grown on a privately owned property in an isolated area not far from our property.
This plantation is approx. 40 ha and was planted some 35 years ago.
The leaf is harvested on site then after processing into our mobile tank, transported back to our property 'Valley Views' then distilled.
This clear mobile liquid, colourless to very pale yellow is steam distilled from the leaves and terminal branchlets of the Broad Leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus Tree with an oil type called 'Dives var C.' commonly known as 'Dives'. 
100% Pure Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus Oil has a fresh spicy-minty and slightly camphoraceous aroma which is invigorating but with it's gentle peppermint undertones is what makes this oil very unique.
With it's very strong aroma it will always leave a lingering sense of cleanliness and freshness throughout your entire home, entertainment area, vehicle or work place after everyday cleaning.
This versatile oil is used for the everyday household cleaning such as mopping floors, washing/rinsing cloths, refreshing/cleaning motel rooms, opening or closing up caravans, spray & wiping of all surfaces right down to rubbing sore joints at the end of the day. 
Great for air purifying/oil burners to make breathing easier.
An Analysis Report of this oil is available on request that shows it’s high quality, clean and it’s purity.  
Available in various sizes.
'From bush to bottle to you'.

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