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250 ml Castile & Coconut Liquid Soap with Tea Tree Oil

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A clear to white thick liquid with a 'silky' appearance and a slight aroma of pure Tea Tree Oil.
An exquisite blend of coconut soap extracts with pure Tea Tree Oil added to fight against bacteria.
It's the ideal liquid hand soap for the whole family to use in the bathroom, washroom, kitchen or clinic as an alternative to bar soaps. 
Can be used as a body wash/shower gel to soothe itchy skin.
Use one pump of this product onto a wet netted sponge. The netted sponge helps to remove dead skin which can build up to caurse itchyness.
The cleaning ability is excellent and the coconut extract base maintains the natural oil balance of the skin and guards against irritation and allergies.
Great for sensitive skin.
Very low use rate.
For an Anti-Bacterial general cleaner dilute 1 part product to 50 parts water.
Use for general cleaning of all washable surfaces such as toilets and basins in public areas etc......
Also available in 500ml, 1 ltr, 2.5 ltr, 5 ltr & 20 litres.