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s 250 ml Dog Deodoriser Spray with Pure Radiata Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Linalool

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This product has been asked to be produced for some time now from all type of dog lovers and breeders.
With our pure Radiata Eucalyptus Oil added in for it's flea control, antiseptic, cleaning and softening qualities as well as it's fresh aroma.
Pure Tea Tree Oil is added to help fight against bacterial infection, skin fungal, ticks and fleas.
Linalool with it's special sweet aroma, mosquito repellent, flea repellent and it's calming effects works in well with the other ingredients
With a very pleasent aroma of the three pure oils it makes a very quick fix for ones dog that comes home from rolling in something that you can't even imagine.
Before going out with your dog for a walk or to play with others simply apply by spraying the dog then wiping or massage well into the hair and skin.
Spray on hand first then apply by wiping on dogs face and around ears.
Apply again if desired spraying only.
This product guards against flea and tick transfers from other dogs, sand pits, kennels, grass and bush contact.