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500 ml Eucalyptus Spray & Wipe Everyday Cleaner - TRIGGER

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A clear free flowing liquid with a destinked seperation line between the water and the mix of pure Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus Oil and Denatured Alcohol, aka methylated spirits (sterilizers plus speeds up any drying time)
Great for your health especially if you have sinus and respiratory conditions.
Better than sucking in chemicals while cleaning plus getting better results.

Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus oil has, to us, a fresh spicy-minty and slightly camphoraceous aroma which is invigorating but with it's gentle peppermint undertones is what makes this oil very unique.
With it's very strong aroma it will always leave a lingering sense of cleanliness and freshness throughout your entire home, entertainment area, vehicle or work place after everyday cleaning.

It is an oil that is very hard to discribe - 'unique' would be the appropriate word, don't ever under estimate it.  
This oil is also used for it's natural built in properties, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammation, anti-infectious qualities and expectorant. 
Although technically an 'oil' itself, eucalyptus does not leave oily residue because of it's volatility
(it evaporates after a period of time exposed to the air, leaving the surface dry, no streaks nor stains)

Used for everyday cleaning, for everything that needs to be wiped.
Easy to use by turning the trigger nozzle to mist spray, shack well and with a chux cloth or paper towel spray the desired surface area and wipe.
With a paper towel you can spray windows, mirrors, grease off spash backs and range hoods, stainless steel, all kitchen bench tops, white goods, kitchen cupboard doors and walls.
In the bathroom you can spray and wipe scum off shower screens, bathroom benches, vanity basins, tiles and tape ware for a beautiful shine.
For the toilet simply spray inside the bowl, scub with the toilet brush then flush. Spray and wipe under and on top of the seat and all around the outside of the toilet for a healthy hygienic and fresh aromatic toilet.
Can be used for a spot cleaner on all types of flooring, even polished timber floor boards.
Spot cleaning can be applied by spraying the spot/area then wiping off or left on for stubbon marks to soak then followed by mopping the whole floor with pure eucalyptus oil or for larger more often mopped areas use the eucalyptus cleanser in a mop bucket of hot water.
Spot cleaning with Eucalyptus Oil Spray & Wipe is ideal for those pet mistakes, inside and out.
Inside your car to clean leather seats, any vinyl parts even windows inside and out.

For an Anti-Bacterial Spray & Wipe simply add 5mls (1 teaspoon full) of pure Tea Tree Oil to this product.