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6 pack Radiata Eucalyptus Oil Fragranced Wooden Hanger Rings

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An easy way to keep moths and silverfish out of your wardrobes where your cloths hang.
Moths and silverfish do not like the aroma of eucalyptus oil so by keeping the rings moist of Radiata Eucalyptus Oil it will keep them from entering your cloths hanging space.
Also a great deodorizer for closed spaces especially if shoes are stored on the bottom of this space.
Simply thread the wooden ring over the metal hook hanger part of cloths hanger and hang.
No need to dry excess oil off the wooden ring as eucalyptus oil is 'non-residual, meaning that it will not streak nor stain.
When hanger rings are dry simply remove all of them from cloths hangers and place all of them in a glass jam jar with a lid. Pour a bit of Radiata Eucalyptus Oil to just covering the bottom one or two rings. Place lid on jar, roll them around a bit and leave jar on the kitchen bench for two or three days. Each time you pass the jar or look at it, pick it up and roll the jar around wetting all of the rings inside.
The darker the rings get the more oil they are holding.
Resoaking wooden items this way should make them last in a closed area for 4 - 6 weeks, it saves you topping them up all the time.
Our other wooden products can be resoaked the same way.