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750 gm Squish

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For the really tough jobs this grey, semi solid, gritty feeling, non-abrasive pumice paste cleaner is the rolls Royce of cleaners. 
With a slight aroma of Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus Oil and a pH level of 7.0 this paste originally made for cleaning grease and grime off hands from the home handy man to the mechanic it also has been proven to be very useful for a wide range of cleaning.
Cleans pots and pans, ovens, stove tops, vinyl, fridges, laminated/stone benches, marks off kitchen cupboard doors, walls and ceramic tiles.
In the bathroom it cleans baked enamel basins, baths, shower recesses, taps and shower screens.
Great for barbeque hot plates, chrome wheels, car/truck bumpers, bugs off bull bars, head lights to remove bugs and anything stainless steel.
Mark's off carpet, fabric lounges, canvas tents and canopies, house awnings and blinds.
Can even be used as a cloths degreaser/destainer to remove diesel, grease and hydraulic oil off work cloths but still mild enough on hands and the lightest of of fabric's.
How to use this product
For a hand cleaner - simply wet hands, dip into bucket of squish and remove desired amount, rub hands then wash off.
For everything else - put a little water in squish bucket, make a paste like toothpaste with fingers, sponge pad, soft scrubbing brush or old cotton cloth then smear on or all over surface that you would like to clean then wash off.
Carpet - after applying squish as above to stain, let dry then you can wash out or vacuum out. 
Work or normal cloths stains - apply the squish same as above to stain using fingers or brush, work in a little then throw in washing machine and wash normal.
This product is amazing for the small amount you use with each application.
Don't be frighten to experiment with this one!
Also available in a 2 kg bucket

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