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Full Box of Single Soaps - can be mixed or all the same - 20 Singles

  • Description
All are solid blocks with Pure Australian Oil's and Milk with each of them containing their own natural abilities such as antiseptic, anti-bacterial, fungal, soothing and moisturising qualities.  
The cleaning ability is excellent while the glycerin maintains the natural oil balance of the skin while the pure oils and milk guards against skin irritation and allergies.
Each soap block is soft and creamy while still holding aroma right to the very end.
All singles are wrapped for hyginne.

The full box of 20 singles can be all the same variety or mix them up of your favourite ones. 

Please note: To fill your box with the soaps you love, simply list your selected 20 single varieties (eg: 3xLSIB, 4xBM, 5xBLP, 4xGM, 4xTT) in the 'Order Instructions/Comment' section just above the 'Process Payment' part in 'Checkout' section. 
Soap Codes:
Blue Mallee Eucalyptus - BM
Broad Leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus - BLP
Lemon Scented Iron Bark Eucalyptus - LSIB
Tea Tree - TT