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Gift Box - 6 Large Wooden Moth Balls with 100ml Pure Radiata Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus Wooden Moth Balls can also be placed in a nice glass bowl then placed in the middle of a dinning table, toilet/bathroom areas or somewhere high out of little hands reach.
Add other wooden tree nuts, moss, wattle pods, dry grasses, small pine cones, wood curls etc.......
Anything to make the bowl look interesting.
Soak all items together with a little eucalyptus oil in a glass jar first before displaying.
The cedar rose/roses and wood curls can also be put in the jar to soak. 
Keep that jar for when you need to re-soak them again.
Great for keeping your bedroom drawers and cupboards fresh.
Ideal for closed up caravans.
Makes an ideal unique gift for a family member, friend or someone special just to say thank you. 
The aroma will last for weeks.