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Handcrafted Pure Lemon Scented Iron Bark Eucalyptus Oil Soap - Minimum 550 gram Bulk Pack

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This soap is handcrafted, hand rough cut & a great soap you can use with no fancy frills!

Switch off, relax and unwind with this beautiful soft natural lemon fragrance.
This creamy, moisturising Lemon Scented Iron Bark Eucalyptus Soap has been handcrafted by our own local talented soap maker, Di Beale from Adelong.
Made with Pure Australian Lemon Scented Iron Bark Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Staigeriana).
A soap with a perfect oil combination that moisturisers, leaving the skin feeling soft, calm and hygienically clean while experiencing this unique lemon aroma that's steamed distilled from the leaves and twigs of this small rough barked sclerophyll tree that grows in the hills up in the Cape York country, North Queensland, Australia.

This pale-yellow natural colour soap has a large percentage of Pure Australian Lemon Scented Iron Bark Eucalyptus Oil added in for an everlasting aroma that will surprise you in the continuation of it's softness and creaminess, right down to the smallest bit.
Having it's own natural antiseptic qualities, the cleaning ability is excellent.
A soap that will keep delighting you wash after wash with large long lasting bubbles. 

Olive oil been one of the raw ingredients will maintain the skins natural oil balance to help skin to keep moisturised 
Soaps are cured for at least 6-8 weeks so stock is extremely limited. This is a period for the blocks to set and allow it to become as gentle as possible. 
This bulk discount pack price is for a minimum weight of 550 grams (and some!) 4-6 pieces wrapped in one parcel of brown kraft paper.
Each piece is hand-cut from a 6kg handcrafted/handmade block so individual pieces may vary and all have their own individual look with ends, sides and all!
Great pieces to spread around the house, to give as a small gift, travel bag or to give a piece to someone to try. 
When buying this product you are supporting your health and wellbeing as well as a local handcrafting soap maker.
Can also be purchased in a 120-130 gram single bar or a minimum 1 kg bulk pack. 

Use this product on a wet netted scrubber or bath sponge. A netted scrubber is perfect for removing dead skin which can build up to course itchiness. Using your soap on one of these will create a creamy lather with amazing huge bubbles as this soap dose not contain any commercial lathering agents.
Your soap also dose not contain any commercial hardening agents so by using a soap drainer/rack to keep your soap dry between uses will prolong it's life greatly. Keeping it away from an open water source in a well-ventilated area after use will also prolong it's life and not end up soft and mushy.
If purchasing bulk packs wrapped in brown kraft paper only, keep the remaining soap out of direct sun or heat and use within a few months of purchase, if purchasing essential oil soaps as essential oils are natural and will fade over time in soaps.