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Posted on June 15, 2021 by Andrea Sturgess


One great way in keeping the whole family safe from colds and flues is to put that free standing wood heater to more use than just keeping the entire family house warm. We do this every year when winter comes alone or as soon as we put the first logs in then keep it going for the whole time that wood heater is going. 

So lets get out an old enamel bowel, old kettle, pot or even a large dog or cat food can. Something that you are not wishing to use again that you can sit on top of heat. Large tin can's are good as after a while you need to wash and might need to use the steel wool to scrum the sticky build up off enamel bowels, pots etc.... but the tin cans you can toss them in the recyle scrap bin and grab another one. One tin can should do you through the whole winter.   

Fill your pot with cold water (hot water if you need it to work straight away) then place it at the back near the heater's flue. Next, pour an amount of good Aussie qualiety eucalyptus oil into your container then leave it. As the water slowly heats up the oil will slowly heat as well sending the aroma through the whole home. If it is not heating up pull your container forward a bit untill you see it simmering. Only need it to simmer, your oil will last longer this way. When you can't smell it anymore or see any oil floating ontop of the water just top it up with more water and oil or when it gets low with both. Wash out when need to. 

Eucalyptus Oil weighs lighter than water, it will float so you will see how much you put in. You can see with mine in the photo how much I put in. Three good Australian varieties of eucalyptus oil to use for this are Blue Mallee, Radiata and Dives -  All rated above the pharmaceutical grade. If it has not got the oil variety name on the label I would not purchase it nor use it.

It is a very simple way to keep your winter closed up house smelling awsome plus if you have fur babies in the home. Helps people of all ages to breath easy day and night, sanitize/disinfect the air in your living area and keeps those colds n flu's at bay.

 Enjoy your healthy homes this winter.