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Making Your Home A Safe & Healthy Home

Posted on March 22, 2020
Over the last few weeks we have been overwhelmed by phone calls, web & phone orders and in general just wanting to know if we have any stock left.
Firstly, we do have stock left after the fire and now with main concern been Coronavirus.

Pure Eucalyptus Oil (a high graded variety) and pure Tea Tree Oil are both antiseptic oils. 
Pure Tea Tree Oil has extra compounds been anti-bacterial and fungal.
Both together become a powerful sanitizer.

So lets sanitize the home and make it a safe place to live in for however long this is going to take.

DIY with a good quality Aussie Eucalyptus Oil
Then add your methylated spirits or vinegar, whichever you like (speeds up drying time)
Add a good quality Australian Tea Tree Oil
Have a smell of it and if your nose likes the smell of the mix add the last thing - water.
Spray and wipe everything, door handles, toilets, benches, tables, windows, bathrooms, white goods etc......... anything you can wipe even the shopping trolley, if anything is left in your supermarket!
Mist spray material seats, loungers, cloth car seats even bedding if you wish to but let it dry before you climb in :-))

You can purchase a normal Eucalyptus Spray n Wipe Everyday Cleaner and then add 5mls of Tea Tree Oil to it. Don't forget to order extra oil to refill your bottle yourself.

Both Spray n Wipe recipes are at this link

Any worries leave me a message, call me or email me and we can sort it out.
Take care to all for now.