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Part 1 - De-Pill and Brushing Woolens.

Posted on October 2, 2019
I have been asked over the years by clients 'whats the best way to de-pill jumpers and then store them.
Now that winter is over or near enough, it's time to start thinking about preparing those favorite woolens to pack away safely from those nasty little creatures.
Moths, silverfish, carpet beetles and their larvae hate bright light so you will hardly ever see them but you will see the holes of where they have been.
Over the next few weeks these parts or steps are what I do, products I use and how I use them to care for my winter warmers.

Lets start with Part 1 or Step1 - De-Pilling & Brushing Coats

Those little balls caursed by friction and it's always on your favorite jumper. You should de-pill as you wear or use them but if you have not got that time make sure you de-pill before you wash and store them. The best tools to do this with is a sweater stone mainly for the heavier yarn and a sweater comb for the thinner yarn or weave. These two tools only remove the pill and don't harm between the pill and the textile. Always work the tools in the same direction like one of those dehair brushers.

Brushing Coats
Even if you have not worn one or two of your coats you should take them outside on a sunny day and brush them vigorously, especially under collars and along seams to remove eggs and any larvae that you will not probably see as they are so small. This should remove them but in case you miss a few a good tip is to always pack these items separately from the ones you have had dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is the best way to remove eggs, bugs etc and clean these items but can become expensive when you include the coats and other items that you don't wear or use. 

It's all about keeping things clean before you store and what you do now will make a difference in what you find when you need to bring those winter warmers out next year when it starts to get a bit chilly again.
Now you are set for Part 2 - Washing
Check in next week.