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Part 3 - Protect and Store

Posted on November 1, 2019
Part 3 - The final leg of our end of winter clean n store.

I think now we can really put those winter warmers away. We had a few cold bits over the last four weeks to hold that packing off.
So, Part 1 - De-Pilling & Brushing, DONE. 
Part 2 - Washing & part protecting, DONE

Part 3 - Protect n Store.
Grab a bit of old cotton sheet, put a bit of good Aussie Eucalyptus Oil on it and wipe out the inside of a hard plastic storage bag (I am using a zip hard plastic bag that I purchased a new doona in).
Now after you wipe out the plastic storage bag and while it's drying, which will not take long, get a all cotton pillow case and put your folded woolen item in the cotton pillow case and place two or three eucalyptus scented wooden moth balls in then fold the end so that it doubles back underneath the pillow case.
Next, place the cotton pillow case in the euco wiped out hard plastic storage bag.
Zip it, tie it up or shrink it and your winter storage is done.

Why I use cotton pillow cases or material?
Bugs can't eat through cotton and it is breathable if you only keep them in the cotton bag or pillow case and not put them in a hard plastic storage bag.
I put the euco scented moth balls in mine so they will keep the woolens fresh and the hard plastic storage bag will keep the aroma in.
Plus I always make sure the woolens are dry, no moisture in them before I pack.
If you are in a moist place keep them in the cotton pillow case or bag so they can breath and not going to have that retained moisture.

Always wash before you store.
You might think that I only wore that once - but it's what bugs consider food, which is your body oil, body products and perfumes. So you are basically leaving your cloths ripe with a food source in your storage if you don't wash it first.

Over Christmas when I have a little bit more time and not swimming with the grandkids I will cover a bit on storage bugs and knowing 'what's bugging you' and how to deal with a long term problem, so stay turned.