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Power on at Yesteryear Plantations

Posted on January 16, 2020
Can't believe we got our power on so quick been the last on the line.
We had a fantastic team from Cowra and in 2 days old burnt poles out new ones in.
They couldn't believe the burnt pole on the edge was still standing plus only down in rock by a metre when he said a pole should be down 2 metres.
Think he found out why it was only in a metre, it's called solid rock!
They have now concerted this one in.
He did say after it was in that they should have put a steel pole in for future fires, so you could only imagine the look on my face.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work you fellas.
Job well done.
Makes you feel a bit normal (not having to go out to the gate and fill up the generator)
It's funny how you can easily take things for granted, the good items in life.
It's nice to peel back the things from time to time and take in your surroundings, ha, even if it's all black at the moment :-)