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Spring Cleaning Windows DIY

Posted on October 24, 2019
The most natural way to clean windows and it works.
Not only it cleans and works, it is great for your health especially if you have sinus and respiratory conditions.

Due to it's low cineol content, Narrow Leaf Peppermint 'Radiata' Eucalyptus Oil is the best out of all the eucalyptus oils to DIY/mix up your own Spray n Wipe Cleaner.
This oil doesn't trigger the cough reflex as easily as the other eucalyptus oils, making it better suited for inhaling, even whist cleaning as you are close to it. 
Better than sucking in chemicals while cleaning plus getting better results.
It is also used for it's other built in properties, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammation, anti-infectious and expectorant. 
Eucalyptus Oil is a volatile oil non-residual which means it dry reasonably fast leaving no streaks nor stains. 

All you need -
Is a 500ml spray bottle with a mist sprayer on it as you only need it to mist spray
(keep with the cheap ones as the euco oil will in time eat out the thin plastic tubes inside the trigger head. When it starts dribbling, throw it and get another $2 one)
Next -
(I prefer to us our Narrow Leaf Peppermint 'Radiata' Eucalyptus Oil in mine for the sinus and respiratory properties)
Then -
Fill with water. 
How easy and natural is that!
Optional - you can add 60mls of Methylated Spirits with the euco oil to also help speed up the drying time. Personally I put the metho in mine as I always need a quicker dry.
(Denatured Alcohol, aka methylated spirits is ethanol which is 95% natural. Additives are added to make it poisonous, foul-smelling, bad-tasting to stop human consumption)
Personally, I put the metho in mine as I always need a quicker dry.
Now -
Grab a roll of paper towel, chuck cloths for wiping excess dirt off and a hand brush or soft broom to knock off the spider webs on and around the outside of the window.
Enjoy your window cleaning.

OK, now it's time to do mine - today.