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1 litre Aqua Fresh Towel & Linen Rejuvenator

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A clear to amber coloured low frothing thick liquid with a mild citrus aroma.
Specifically designed for the laundering of towels and linens used in the therapeutic massage industry,
for removal of vegetable based massage oils, body odours and oils.
Brings back to softness the hardest of towels.
Also ideal for handwashing pure woollen jumpers.
Made from natural bio-ethanol and citrus extracts.
No Phosphate.
For best results - first wash: double machine amounts per load in hot water.
After the initial hot wash all further washing can be done in cold water using normal machine amounts per load.
Made for top and front load machines.
Use rate based on a 7.5 kg machine.
Front load machines use 15 mls.
Top load machines use 30 mls.
Ideal for septics, bio septics and grey water tanks.
Also available in 2.5 ltr, 5 ltr & 20 litres.