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Floor Cleaning After A Fire

Posted on January 19, 2020
I have found out how it all feels after a fire has hit your surroundings, which is very overwhelming for the first week and then arability sets in for the rest of it.
You see people on the TV that has gone through a fire telling you of the wind, smoke, roaring sound and then the heat and you get it, but it only really sinks in after you go through it yourself that those people that you sat down and watched on TV telling you of the wind, smoke, sound, heat etc...... are ever soooo right, and I am happy to be here to tell you that, it's all so true.
So I admire those people and take my hat off to them to be able to talk about a fire that went through their surroundings, their place, their homes.

The dirt, the black ash and the dust is a bit hard to take after a fire and they say don't clean until you get a good bit of rain to settle all of it so it doesn't blow right back in.
But their is times that I can't stand the feel under your feet and the grandkids especially the toddlers, the color of their little feet let alone the nappies from sitting on the floor, everything is just 'black'
Maybe it's the new in color!

So this is what I am doing to make the floor feel a bit normal and cleaner for a while.

I am giving the tiles a light vacuum first then only using our Eucalyptus Cleanser at this stage as it is so dirty I will not be getting very far with 1 mop bucket of clean soapy euco smelling hot water before I will have to empty it, rinsing it out and filling a new clean one again to continue.
I am expecting to do at least 6 to 8 buckets to get round my large area.

I will be putting in my standard size mop bucket - 60 mls (2 x 30 ml medicine cups) of Eucalyptus Cleanser then filling just under the rollers with hot water.
You will get froth and a slight aroma of our smooth Radiata Eucalyptus Oil around the house.
This will get the burnt smell out for a while and keep the dirt n dust under control for a bit plus it's the cheapest way for this stage as you will be emptying the bucket regularly.

Read more about our Eucalyptus Cleanser at

When we get some good soaking rain (hoping) I will give my floor a good mop with the pure Broad Leaf Peppermint 'Dives' Eucalyptus Oil only in the mop bucket as this aroma will linger for days and euco oil will clean.

So for now it's bye and I am off to do this before a grandkid arrives.
Take care for now to all.