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Smoke Smelling Towels

Posted on April 9, 2020
What annoyed me this morning was grabbing a clean towel out of the cupboard to have a shower and it smelt of smoke.
Grabbed another one, same and so on.

So washing today and tomorrow  :-)  great - NOT!
Another 'not the most enjoyable task' but someone has to do it  :-(

I am using these two products to clean, deodorize and soften all of my towels
Aqua Fresh: 
I have a 8 kg top load machine so I will be loading it up with 8 towels at a time as the towels are clean but just smell of smoke and all my towels have been done in this product before.
I will put in 1 x 30 ml medicine cup of aqua fresh down the middle of my machine. 
If you have a front load machine you just put in half.
I also will be washing my towels in warm water as I just like to wash towels in warm.
If you have not washed your towels in this product before go to the link above and follow the 'For best results'

Pure Eucalyptus Oil:
After I load the Aqua Fresh into the middle of my machine, I push the softener cup thing back in then I pour 30 ml of Pure Aussie Eucalyptus Oil in the rinse cup so that on the final rinse it will release the euco oil and rinse through the towels to finish the cleaning process then deodorize and keep them soft and smelling amazing.
Another benefit of using a Pure Aussie Eucalyptus Oil as a fabric softener in every wash is that it will keep the moths and silverfish out of your cupboards as they do not like the aroma of this pure oil plus it cleans your machine out at the end of every wash.
Great after real dirty work cloths (fire fighting cloths).
Go to the link above and learn more on what else you can use this natural oil on.

So lets recap -
Put towels in machine
30 mls of Aqua Fresh in
30 mls Pure Aussie Eucalyptus Oil in softener part
Warm water wash - hang
(this is for a top load machine. Halve for front load machine)

Now they are going to feel and smell amazing.